Phishing Data Concept
23Jun 2015
Jun 23, 2015

Beware of Phishing attacks

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through email, phone calls, SMS etc seeking your personal and confidential information. More information about Phishing can be read from Wikipedia:

IT PLORE or any of its representative never sends you email/SMS or calls you over phone to get your personal information, password or one time SMS (high security) password.

Any such e-mail/SMS or phone call is an attempt to fraudulently withdraw domains, web hosting, apps/software, credit balance, websites etc from your account. Never respond to such email/SMS or phone call.

If you receive any such email/SMS or Phone call, please report it immediately by writing us via contact form given on this link or by calling us at +91 9400029900. Please ask us to lock your user access immediately, if you have accidentally revealed your credentials.

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