About Company

IT PLORE is an International IT company, having head office in Kerala, India. We have over 7 years of experience in IT sector. IT PLORE is the first IT company in Thiruvalla, Kerala which is having happy clients around the world with experienced staffs, advanced technology, knowledge etc in different IT services. The company is now booming as one of the top IT company in the world with affordable price for it’s products and services. In order to reach us, you may visit our contact page.

About Company Name

The company name IT PLORE is an abbreviation of some words which are in sequence and are very meaningful. The full form of IT PLORE is “Information Technology, Predicting, Locating, Organizing, Remembering, Evaluating“.

It took several days for us to select the name for the company. We have discussed and listened to the suggestions about naming the company from different class of people from different parts of the world and finally fixed the name as IT PLORE. The name “IT PLORE” is pronounced as “I.T.  plore“.

About Services

To view list of services that we offered to you, please visit our services page